Why do you wear a watch on your hand

If you delve into the history, you can find out that the wristwatch was preceded by copies on a chain, which in the 18th and 19th centuries were worn in a pocket (male version) or on the chest as a pendant (female version). Such watches at that time were a fashion accessory that was very popular

However, over time, people began to prefer wrist watches. How did this happen?

As a rule, society finds it difficult to accept the latest trends, and so it happened with wristwatches: many did not want to give up pocket watches in their favor. The first wrist models were created exclusively in the female version and were rather an ornament, men did not wear an accessory in this format.

The intermediate link between pocket and wrist watches became trench watches, which were created for the needs of field troops. They could still be put in a pocket, but on both sides of the case, wires were welded to the watch, into which a long strap could be inserted. With the help of a strap, the watch was fixed on the arm over the uniform. During the First World War, this type of accessory was worn not only by the ground military, but also by pilots.

  • Business and formal events. Accessories for business meetings, office work, special events, official receptions, as a rule, have a classic style. They can emphasize your personality, but should not be too bright and catchy.As a rule, these are mechanical copies of a round shape with a white dial and a leather strap. It is desirable that the color of the strap matches the shade of the shoes and the belt. It is reasonable to buy several straps of different colors for one watch, so that you can change it depending on the image
  • Everyday life. The watches that we wear in everyday life must meet several basic criteria: be accurate, reliable, match the style of the person. In addition, this accessory should maintain its appearance for as long as possible, taking into account daily use. Perhaps one of the most durable and reliable models is a stainless steel watch, equipped with a steel bracelet. Such models are not subject to corrosion, and the bracelet, unlike leather, will not wear out and will not lose its appearance. Watches made of titanium alloy are also good, they are light and hypoallergenic
  • Sports and other activities. Everything has its time and place. This also applies to the clock. A classic chronograph on a leather strap will not be too appropriate in a fitness room. You change your office shoes for sneakers, don't you? Accordingly, for sports, it is better to choose specially created models for this purpose. As a rule, sports watches are light, multifunctional, have shockproof and moisture-proof properties, have a backlight, etc. Such models are often made of titanium, polymer materials, sometimes stainless steel (it is heavier). To reduce the weight of the watch, the world's leading manufacturers equip their sports-oriented products with rubber and polyurethane straps

On which hand is it correct for men to wear a watch? It all depends solely on how comfortable you are. Since most people are right-handed, it is more convenient for them to wear a watch on their left hand. And here's why.

Right-handers do everything with the right hand, so it is more convenient to put the watch on the left, so as not to load the "working" limb with anything.

When you put on an accessory, it is much more convenient to fasten the strap on your wrist with your right hand.

It is also more convenient to wind the watch with the right hand. It is for this reason that the crown is usually located on the right side of the watch.

How to wear a watch on your hand if you are left-handed? You can safely put the watch on your right wrist. Fortunately, the era of retraining left-handers has passed, and today they are not considered any special. Fortunately, now you can find a watch that is designed specifically for wearing on the right hand: in such models, all buttons and factory heads are located on the left. This means that left-handers can choose the right accessory for them and not experience difficulties.


How to properly wear a watch for a man

Often men's watches are a kind of status indicator. It is generally believed that the more expensive the watch, the higher the person on the social ladder, an accessory from a well-known brand demonstrates good prosperity.

Usually the watch is worn on the left hand, however, as mentioned above, there is no clear rule regarding this. In addition, if you wear a watch on your right hand, your partner, friend or colleague will see it already when you shake hands. This can demonstrate your status and taste.

How to properly wear a watch on a woman's hand

For women, a watch is both a device that shows the time, and an ornament, and a way to demonstrate their social level. Again, you can wear them on either hand, and if you like non-standard solutions and shocking, then you can wear them on both hands. Of course, the latter option is not suitable for a business meeting or work in an office with a strict dress code


How a watch should fit on your hand

It would seem a strange question: I bought a model I liked, put it on my hand, what can I think about? However, not everything is so simple. The watch must be selected according to the size of the hand and the circumference of the wrist. This is done to make the accessory look harmonious.

If a person has a thin hand with a wrist from 15 to 16 cm in circumference, it is worth buying a watch with a dial diameter of no more than 30 mm. Larger watches will look bulky. The strap will fit any, but the metal will look more advantageous, as it visually increases the volume of the wrist.

The wrist with a circumference of 17-18 cm is considered to be medium in size. For such a hand, you can choose a watch with a dial up to 40 mm. Do not interfere with the decor, you can choose any to your liking. A wide variety of models will look good on this wrist: modest and minimalistic, decorated with stones, large sports chronometers, etc.

It is important to choose an accessory that does not restrict movement, does not cause discomfort. Pay attention to this, choosing both the watch itself and the strap to it. Sometimes the watch can injure the hand, rub, interfere with the performance of various actions. Therefore, it is necessary to try on the model you like in advance, so that you can wear it with pleasure later, and not put it in the drawer until better times, which most likely will not come.